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The second half of healing

Do you have a best friend? One of those friends that you know everything about and someone who knows everything about you? Someone to call you out and build you up? I do. And I'm so glad I do.

My best friend is my cheerleader, she knows when to take me down a peg and when to build me up. She knows everything about everything I write about and is often the voice of reason in my head when I can't hear myself think. She's been through a lot. Okay- more than a lot- a TON of crap in her life both previously and currently.

They say diamonds come from a great amount of pressure- well whoever 'they' is- they're not wrong. She is one of the best people I know.

Today we were talking about healing- I bemoaned to her that I was sick and tired of hearing the R-word (reconciliation). I've come to the point in my life where I can choose to be happy as I am now, or choose to do what so many Christian friends and family urge me to do in their best Christianese- reconcile. &…

Nice argument there, straw man.

Of course I had to post this picture. Although probably originally referring to politicians, I'm taking this quote out of context to use on none other than the N's.

Ever realize how stupid they sound? So many N's try to pick a fight based on little more than fallacy- IF that. Maybe you remind them of someone they disliked once upon a time, maybe you waved hello for a little too long in their eyes, maybe you even said 'thank you' without the correct amount of reverence in your voice. Whatever it was- one thing is certain- it's easy to piss off the N's. A narcissistic fit is pretty humorous actually, once you tear it apart and see how utterly ridiculous it is. I've known two year olds with more maturity.

We didn't tell the N's that little D was born until recently. And even then we only let it slip through the grapevine to the controllers by way of letting those in the family know of the arrival a couple weeks after the fact as we were settled in…

Welcome little D.

I apologize for the LONG break from blogging. I spent these last few months in and out of bed rest and in and out of preterm labor until - FINALLY- I gave birth to our healthy baby boy just a few hours shy of being 'full term' by hospital standards.

Little D. (as I'm going to be calling him now) was born last Friday after 10 hours of labor. He is strong and healthy and beautiful. :) I'm still recovering from blood loss due to hemorrhaging after delivery but am getting better day by day. I can say that I've never been happier than I am right now in all my life. My home is happy and peaceful. Baby boy is such a joy to us both. Life is slowly getting back into routine to be the new normal as 2 became 3.

The N's *still* have no idea the baby is born or that it's a boy or any details. We may be sending birth announcements to just extended relations. Little D will never meet them. I was already resolved to this before his birth but now, after holding him in my ar…