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The Triangle Analogy

Maybe you're familiar with this analogy already. I have often seen this in relation to the college student. Well, hold onto your horses because I'm totally going to rock your world with a new analogy for dealing with N's. (not really, but if your world is indeed blown open- kudos to ya)

My triangle analogy- you can only pick two. Here are your options. 
- Mental and physical health 
- Your relationship with people you love and who love you (family/friends) 
-Your relationship with the N. 
But...... No. 
That's it. 
Now I will add that I only recommend this choice be made after boundaries have been tried. The true test of whether or not someone is a raving psychopath is if they are able to(or unable to) keep to boundaries in order to maintain any semblance of a healthy relationship. 
No? Well, then you have to choose. 
Orrrrr- you could live the rest of your life in the middle, where you are now (hypothetically). And I hope that works out for you.... 
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