Nice argument there, straw man.

Of course I had to post this picture. Although probably originally referring to politicians, I'm taking this quote out of context to use on none other than the N's.

Ever realize how stupid they sound? So many N's try to pick a fight based on little more than fallacy- IF that. Maybe you remind them of someone they disliked once upon a time, maybe you waved hello for a little too long in their eyes, maybe you even said 'thank you' without the correct amount of reverence in your voice. Whatever it was- one thing is certain- it's easy to piss off the N's. A narcissistic fit is pretty humorous actually, once you tear it apart and see how utterly ridiculous it is. I've known two year olds with more maturity.

We didn't tell the N's that little D was born until recently. And even then we only let it slip through the grapevine to the controllers by way of letting those in the family know of the arrival a couple weeks after the fact as we were settled in and those are the people who would be genuinely happy about the news. We didn't break no contact but rather went on with our lives with those we include in our future- leaving out all those who we aren't including.

DH got his first direct email contact from his father in a long time today. Note these people never acknowledged I was ever pregnant and were the only ones to purposefully not contribute to a baby present their extended relations sent down to us months ago. No real show has been made to be in the right in other's eyes for over a year and a half now. They didn't acknowledge his birthday, Christmas or anniversary. So out of the blue my hubby gets an email. He usually doesn't read them but he accidentally opened this one and saw it since it was only two sentences long. Unprovoked attack from NFIL trying to tear up hubby by saying similar things he has in the past 'what kind of person are you to let this go two weeks before telling us we had a grandkid' or something along those lines. Heaven forbid NFIL made an argument based on the actual FACT we never included them on the email list to find out when the others DID. We weren't going to tell them directly at all. Ever.

The N's are on an extended trip to Europe right now. (surprise surprise- with the siblings still at home- possibly a treat for being good little monkeys) So on the trip it's no wonder they didn't get the news until late.What an argument, right? So after ignoring the pregnancy and our marriage and their SON for the past year and a half they still EXPECT the right to be told FIRST the baby was born?  You really think you can get under DH's skin with such a hasty attack now after pretty much years of NC?

These people don't change. They never will. All we can do is wave goodbye from a distance as they let their tempers flare up into health problems that will likely kill them in the end. So, thanks N-parents for truly cementing our resolve against you. And for that pastor and those Christians who told us they'd change? Yeah- screw you. Some people are evil and that's all there is to it.

(P.S. I know this sounds harsh but I'm a mad, hormonal woman venting so as to get on with my life. It infuriates me that they'd try to inflict harm on my teddy-bear-ish big man with a bigger heart- like evil little snakes lashing out at anything they can grab. They grossly underestimate the weapons we have against them. The power of the love keeping us together and away from them and my flaring temper to ward off anyone idiot enough to try to hurt my family.)


  1. "Some people are evil and that's all there is to it."
    You don't sound harsh, you sound realistic.


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