Welcome little D.

I apologize for the LONG break from blogging. I spent these last few months in and out of bed rest and in and out of preterm labor until - FINALLY- I gave birth to our healthy baby boy just a few hours shy of being 'full term' by hospital standards.

Little D. (as I'm going to be calling him now) was born last Friday after 10 hours of labor. He is strong and healthy and beautiful. :) I'm still recovering from blood loss due to hemorrhaging after delivery but am getting better day by day. I can say that I've never been happier than I am right now in all my life. My home is happy and peaceful. Baby boy is such a joy to us both. Life is slowly getting back into routine to be the new normal as 2 became 3.

The N's *still* have no idea the baby is born or that it's a boy or any details. We may be sending birth announcements to just extended relations. Little D will never meet them. I was already resolved to this before his birth but now, after holding him in my arms and kissing his precious face- that promise to keep him safe is all the more certain. I would sooner die before exposing him to such toxic people.

I haven't forgotten those who read my blog or have read it in the past! I know Father's Day can be rough and even traumatic for some of you. :( I am so, so sorry. It simply shouldn't be this way. I hope you are lucky enough to celebrate with dads who deserve the honor, adopted family and new beginnings. There is always hope of peace and joy and happiness up ahead even when you're going through the darkest of times. It gets better. A new life without contact gets easier. May you find peace in the new normal and rest knowing that someday, the friends you cling to are ultimately better than any family you were familiar with. To the dads who deserve it- Happy Father's Day! I am so happy I can count my DH in as one this year and to many more years to come <3


  1. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you, DH and DS! I thought your absence was likely pregnancy-related and didn't want to bother you.
    I'm so pleased to hear "two" have become "three" and you're not backing down on your decision to keep your child safe from the Predators.
    It's so good to hear from you!

  2. Grace, congratulations to you and your husband! What a joyous and wonderful time (except for that whole lack-of-sleep thing).

    I'm SO glad you have decided to keep all Narcs out of your life. Did you mean both your and your hubby's families? How peaceful it must seem to you now!

    Kiss that baby's little forehead for me.


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