I have grossly abandoned my blog for some time now. I think part of that is from things actually being good- as in non-existent- between myself and the narcs. Also, while being important to share- this blog does bring up bad memories for me and years of my life that are painful to think about.

That being said. WOW. 42,748..... that is the number of views my blog has had since I started it. 

I never in a million years dreamed anyone would read it much less so many of you.

It's been five years since my husband's family came into my life and four of those years with limited to no contact since. Right now I have zero contact with any of them.

I know DH still talks to them on the regular. I'm not stupid. And yeah, it bugs me. But it has nothing to do with me and I'm more than ok with keeping it that way. Dealing with his family has brought us together, but it has also torn us apart. The love is still there, but the in love-ness? It's morphed into a knowing companionship, I think as all marriages do over time.

You can't change anyone. You can only change yourself. Sometimes that encourages others to change, sometimes things stay as they always were. And that's okay.

Sending lots of love out there to you guys xx.


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