The House of Usher

It's always interesting for me to watch the sage unfold- as a specter. For indeed I have been dead and buried to them for some time now, but I can watch from far off in the distance as the dynasty of domination falls down around them.

If you've read my blog since the beginning, you'll know NMIL had built her mansion (literally, I'm not figurative here) around the idea that someday all the adult children would be able to move in with their families if need be. Making each child's bedroom a suite of sorts with it's own bathroom, etc. Creeptastic, right? Well anyway, DH is in minor contact with the N's for tax purposes, which means he does hear snippets of the grand goings-on of the 'big house'.

Irony of ironies, the last unmarried sibling has moved out with a significant other and is not looking like they will return. This means the house is empty aside from NMIL and NFIL, of course and whatever missionary they might entertain in this grand house just to keep up appearances of having their sh!t together. Because you know, normal God-fearing humans do that sometimes.

I have no idea how close the siblings are to the parents here, I only know that my own DH has not seen them in four years now.

It doesn't really surprise me that this big house is now empty, there really is nothing for the adult children to come home to after living a life of pleasure and the pursuit of happiness.

And so I watch and wait, it certainly will be entertaining to see what happens and IF any of them should cut ties and live their own lives apart from the family group.

After all, when you've spent all your life controlling your children- what is left for you when they're gone?


  1. What's left? Continuing Slander/Character Assassination/Hit Men or Women. A dead AC provides a lot more Supply than a NC AC.
    I wish I was kidding. I don't care how "Holy" they appear to be.


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