Four Years Later

Can you believe it? I know I can't. Living proof that time does go on after such horrible drama- that one day you WILL be able to look back on it all with the clarity that is hindsight.

What I wish I could say to myself when I first started this crazy crap-ride with abusive narcissists....

Oh the tales I would tell! ;)

I would tell myself:

It gets better. It might not be at first or for a very long time, but the distance of time makes it hurt less.

You will probably never 'get over' what happened. Don't be too hard on yourself. The things they did and said will always hurt to think about. Just because they hurt does not mean you are not in a better place!

There was nothing you did or could do to have made it better. That's the nature of abuse.

Just because they're in your past doesn't mean they have to be in your future.

Because of this, you will be a better person. You will live more honestly and love more genuinely, you'll learn to weed out the emotional vampires in life and hang with all the best people you'll create a new family with.

It will always be a lonely road, but you will not always be lonely.

You are your own best advocate.

You matter.

Big hugs to anyone in the middle of something like what I experienced. I'm always an email away if you need to talk!


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