The Truth

Truth. It's not pretty. Not in the least. But it's freedom.

That's why I write.

My in-laws tried to silence me and according to my husband they 'found a blog and aren't happy about it'. Well, why would they be? Me airing out their dirty laundry they've paid people to keep quiet about.

The internet's a funny thing. See, here there IS no censoring. No money in the world can make these words I write go away.

It empowers the weak and gives much-needed reality checks to the ill-meaning.

It's emotional vomit.

If you came here to read a fairy tale, you should stop reading now.

I don't just write for my story, I write for the thousands of others who have read my blog and know my story as it coincides with theirs. I write to expose the N's in all their glory as selfish pigs.

I do not include names, but many, many of my friends know the names I choose not to post here.

I'm not sure if the N's have found my blog, but they are welcome to read it. Actually- PLEASE read it. It brings me joy to know that these words might be read by YOU.

The funny thing about abuse is that once the victim sees the light they will talk. And talk. And talk. I fully intend to keep this blog up and running as it brings comfort and hope to many of my readers.

They are not alone and neither am I. Together, we tell the truth. There's nothing to hide anymore.


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