News from the hinterlands...

In the process of figuring out what DH's role is in the family business plan, we've heard from the flying monkeys. I'm especially happy we may soon FINALLY have the details as to hubby's share of the company and how we might be able to sever contact for GOOD since they may not need to contact us again for tax purposes.

Believe people when they tell you that N's will take any big news as a means of getting back into your life. They'll even take THEIR big news as a means of getting back in. As if magically, after 3 years of giving a sh!t, hubby will want them back in our lives.... they suddenly divulge the information that SIL is engaged at the ripe old age of 19 to pretty much her first boyfriend. SIL has always had a passive role as a flying monkey and has barely acknowledged DH since we married three years ago. But suddenly she's saying their dad (FIL) bought DH a random computer game for the computer he sold a year ago. A game he has never been interested in. A Cuba version of said game. (hah! Ridiculous right?) as if that will make DH want to up and drive 7 hours to get it. And of course he'll want to meet this new prey of the family, SIL's fiance. And be in the wedding or at least feel sentimental enough to want to act like nothing ever happened.

Might I add, this is the same SIL who created that infamous pop-up book of KKK history complete with lynchings- yup, she's a real catch. Lucky guy.

The good news: we are one step closer to being completely independent from them for tax purposes. Thus, one step closer to never having to be reminded of them every tax season.
The bad news: N's will NEVER stop trying to pretend they are members of a healthy and functional family. You could physically die but they would keep you alive by word of mouth making up sh!t to make themselves look good til their deathbed.
I admit, I'm laughing at how incredibly stupid they are to try all this.

Which leads me to another point. N's are stupid. In living a life that revolves around them, they are entirely able to leave out essential parts of logic other, normal, people would naturally follow. To them it is reasonable, they believe it so of course so should we.

There is a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that, no matter what happens, once you've seen the light you'll be able to see right through the BS they throw your way. In the end, it's just the same old game of them using other people as pawns, the form might change but the rules never do.


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