The Grumpy Syndrome

When I think of my Narcs what I often picture is this ^^^^. Only less lovable and kinda more evil. Ok. I think of the Anti-Christ- but bear with me on this one- Grumpy comes to mind as well.
I can't be the only one to notice it. Sometimes you can spot them in a crowd because of the way they're sitting or looking. Unless someone just has an unfortunate face that always looks angry, these people tend to be narcs. Sullen, cross. Sitting or standing in a defensive position. Perhaps scowling too.

The idea that their opinion and happiness is ALL that matters creates what I refer to as 'the Grumpy syndrome'- YOU'RE happy- but I'M not happy- so I will do my best to make YOU unhappy too! Remind you of anyone?

It's rare to see this outside of a primary school playground but narcs are cut from a different cloth! Just another red flag alert for potential narcs you may run into- if they have the grumpy syndrome- watch out! You just might be dealing with another one!


  1. Ha Ha - such a good description! I've noticed they tend to have a fatalistic attitude towards anything that isn't their idea or that won't directly benefit them.


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