Hey there!
 Ok, I'm doing something I never thought I'd do but I'd like to extend this offer to my readers- a while ago I started a facebook group in connection to another spouse of an ACoN group (at the time the leader only listed it as difficult in-laws- so I'm guessing a name change is in order for the rest of us). Since I do not have connections with the group anymore, I'd like to focus it more on ACoN's or spouses of ACoN's in particular. It's a secret group so no one can see who is in it or what is posted, in fact- no one can see the group without an invite and even then requests need to be approved by myself before they can join.
 If you'd like to join the handful of us, let me know! :) Send me an email with your story and I can add you. The group is uncencored and open to everyone (except N's)
 If you want a more personal connection, this might be for you. :) otherwise, anonymous blogging is always a good choice!


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