PTSD and idjits

Nothing better to title this post- sorry! lol I lack creativity at the moment because I'm full of hatred and self-loathing. I don't have a therapist because I'm broke ass poor, so this is me channeling all the stupid I've faced today into a good cry-rant session. Pull up a chair, if you don't want to- there's the door. My blog, my words. I'm tired of being a good girl everyone expects.

I am SICK of dealing with stupid people, idjits. I think dealing with utter stupidity brings back a LOT of PTSD for me from my N-dealing days. I feel cold, clammy, attacked, threatened and furious all at once. For people questioning and NOT letting it effing GO that my opinion is my opinion and I have a right to it. And if they don't agree they don't NEED to ask me a zillion questions trying to prove that they are right and I am wrong. Get where I'm coming from? That triggers me, it just does.

Let it go, don't let it bother you. It doesn't matter. Does it?

Maybe it does. Since dealing with narcs I realize I HAVE to give myself credit for what I believe. My opinions matter and they are important because they are MINE. No one is going to go to bat for me, no one ever has or ever will that will matter as much as I do.

An encouragement to the beaten down and BULLIED into silence. Speak out. Speak your mind. No one will do it for you and you so rightly deserve to have an opinion and feelings. Don't back down when people question you, your beliefs, your choices. YOU know what's healthy and right for YOU- they're not God. A god or THE God. Right? Who are they to judge or say what is or isn't right for you? Regarding the N's or your personal life. Stop being a shrinking violet and let your voice be heard!

And to all idjits out there, STFU or GTFO. Your opinions you have the right to air- BUT like anything half-cooked and vapid, it might not have any consequence to anyone else. Your word is not LAW- get over it.

Who needs therapy when a few, well-placed curse words can help you feel a million times better?


  1. I'm dealing with a situation at work. I recognized it immediately as an ACON. The boss has hired an absolutely toxic, incompetent employee in a position of responsibility, and she's made a complete mess of her job--so bad it's possibly illegal. Several of us have tried to clue the boss in to what's going on, but he is absolutely vicious to anyone who dares to speak out. Like most of us, I've got my resume out, but it's a bad hiring market right now. I'm struggling with the lesson I've learned to speak my truth and stand up proudly, and risking being fired.

  2. Anon- so sorry you're going through such a tough situation! :( I'll definitely be thinking about you, let me know what happens! Hoping for the best!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I've enjoyed reading your blog and it was helpful to me to tell my story to someone who understands.

    2. Definitely- if you ever need to talk you can always email me! Thanks for reading :)


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