It's just his/her way...

How many times have we all heard that one?
Maybe a little more prevalent in the circles I am accustomed to- evangelical circles- when one is explaining away another's apparent lack of empathy. Sister Renee posted on the Luke 17 ministries facebook page about just this topic. If you really want to pick out a narcissist in a crowd- look for the person exhibiting inappropriate glee or joy or NO emotion whatsoever when others tell of harm or hard times that have befallen them.

Beware of people who turn the conversation back to them. When the story-teller is truly in pain and needing support, an ordinary person knows to shut the hell up and listen and at least pretend empathy if they only have sympathy for the other person. A psychopath will not.

They are the ones sitting with blank stares, perhaps they are on the edge of their seat waiting for an opportunity to turn the conversation back to them and how THEY are going through a 'rough' time too because they were all out of Mayo this morning when they went to make a sandwich.

I understand people have different ways of dealing with grief- with other's grief even- but still- there is a right and wrong way to respond to those around you needing love and support. Laughing, smirking, saying nothing - gosh - at least pretend you're interested.
 There ARE chinks in the N's armor- (bn knbg bbt ggggghc cdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer vh yuhb   ni, hd cgvbrg             nmj in mnzzz m,jnb g h sc  df hbbf brtf nnnnn])- From LO haha. I'm leaving it in- maybe it has baby wisdom in the mad ramblings. ;)

There ARE chinks in the N's armor- often it takes a moment of pain, emotion or sadness to see beneath the mask. But ultimately, it will fall.


  1. Like my MIL gloatingly telling me in how much pain she was, after she learned my mother was terminally ill, because people in her shop were telling her by the dozen they only had a few months to live. How I had no idea how she suffered dealing with all these people and maybe I would when I would reach her age. All the while carefully observing how her words impacted me and enjoying it to the fullest. Now that is sadistic narcissism. I think that was the moment that it sunk in she was just plain evil.

  2. Plain evil is right- or the N I met recently who claimed her job was taking sooo much out of her because she dealt with people who were recently diagnosed with AIDS. Yeah---- because you can totally equate working with these patients as bad if not worse than having the disease yourself. :P Makes total sense.


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