Picture Paranoia

It's no secret that I'm a private person. I recently made any and all pictures of my son visible to only me and my husband on Facebook. Since having a baby I've gone off the deep end with a lot of my OCD tendencies, most of which revolve around the safety of little dude. My sister posted a picture of him to one of her albums without asking and I had a mini freak-out. I know the people who can view my facebook, but hers? Not so much.

So a PSA for you all. Please don't post or tag pictures of other people's children on social media without their parent's express permission to do so. You just might be the link some creeper needs to find their child or family. You might not know why people are private- but you need to respect that.

Something that's been eating me up is that DH sent his grandmother and his little sister a CD of pictures of Dominic. I'm ok with his grandmother having them, honestly she isn't computer savvy and lives the winter far away from the NIL's. NSIL- well.... ok here's what I want to scream at DH..... she LIVES with them.

Another thing I want to yell at DH..... and let's just process this together here, okay? If you had a sibling you were close to who had a falling out with your parents- who moved away and hadn't visited in years. Wouldn't you be curious to hear their part of the story? To understand why and maintain a relationship with them if possible? Well- yeah. That's what normal people do. Normal people with normal feelings and normal relational skills.

Not only has she made no attempt to stay in DH's life- but as I've said before, she lives with the N's and feeds off being the youngest and only girl to the point that she's a glutton for attention. Selfish little pig. Does DH really think she won't pass around the CD to the N's and maybe even post it to her own social media site to look good? To look involved? Really.

Ok I'm really upset about this. Pictures are forever. Once something has a digital trace after being uploaded it is out there forever. We've already established that she's not trustworthy and not worth sh!t in my honest opinion. Why?

Cue the anxiety.

Call me paranoid but it's my job to be paranoid about this. He's my son, my baby and honestly with DH having his head so far up his rear end, I'm the only person actually standing between LO and a lifetime of dealing with these people. I'm the meanie, the one who shuts them all out and tells DH what to think because he's confused. Or says he is. There's nothing confusing about it to me.

I just feel like it's my responsibility to look after LO in relation to them and I let him down :(

Honestly, I don't want them to know what he looks like. They don't deserve that. I don't want them stalking him too. In school I may enroll him by a different name (still his, just not his last one) to avoid them tracking him down when he's away from our direct care.


  1. FWIW, I would.be.furious.
    This lack of united front ruins marriages. WHY? Because NFOOs are so good at the Divide and Conquer, you don't need to HAND THEM AN OPPORTUNITY.


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