Good girls don't do that...

I'm finally taking action- two years later- regarding my in laws blatantly manipulating people at my university my senior year of school. I've known for a while any and all information they received from the head of my department was a direct violation of FERPA- breaking the law of privacy regarding student information both academic and personal held in the trust of the school they attend.

I hate going back over it all- in my mind- in my letter explaining everything. It's crazy. Who would believe it? And yet they have to because it happened. So I've shared my story and the concern is in the process of being addressed right now. Potentially I could sue over this. My in laws used the information they received to harass me and honestly, emotional trauma is enough excuse for me to WANT to sue them.

But I hate pointing fingers, I don't want anyone to get fired for this. Good girls don't DO this. Maybe that's why so many abuse instances go unreported. What victim wants to stand in court and testify- AGAIN- when no one believed them in the first place?

Maybe I'm crazy. But I want justice. Maybe knowing what happened to me will not happen to another will aid in the healing process. Maybe it would help to know a wrong was acknowledged and will not be repeated. Even if there's no peaceful ending for me- maybe that's enough.

I'm tired of being misused, mistreated and taken advantage of. If I have legal standing against anyone or anything that brought me so much pain- all from people failing at doing their job correctly- I need to stand up for that right and be strong.


  1. Do it, Ms. Grace. If it saves others, just one other person from having their private info, their schedules etc. released, DO IT.
    A Way-Back Story: I was involved in a violent, abusive relationship when I was young and managed to flee for my life from the guy. I shamefully told Psychobitch who appeared to take some perverse pleasure and certainly was not upset her "DD" was being beat right into admission to to major medical center just a few short years after the assault/abduction of my just turned 20 yr. old self.
    Fast forward: Five YEARS later, the guy calls my "mother" -who knows ALL the shameful, frightening FACTS-AND gave him all the info regarding where I was attending college, once again FULL TIME. Guess who showed up waiting outside my Calc class two weeks after the beginning of the semester?? And Psychob never mentioned a WORD TO ME about him contacting her.
    So, how did he find me exactly on campus? He went to the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE and CONFIRMED MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! AFTER they gave it to him and asked, "IS that CORRECT?"
    I still can not believe I'm alive some days. I'm not being dramatic or overstating this.
    Please do it, Ms. Grace.
    Thank you very, very much.

  2. Oh my gosh- that's horrible! D: Privacy isn't respected at all and as much as I don't want to get anyone 'in trouble' they certainly should be in trouble! I agree!


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