One of the biggest lies

It's hard separating them, isn't it? After it's all said and done most everything an N will tell you is a lie- if not an exaggerated truth to make themselves look better- so in fact- a lie. Yup- everything is a lie.

One of the biggest lies my N's have told me in the past
"Oh, we just want to celebrate with you!"

Riiight. In reality, this means:
"We want to feel honored and special on an occasion where YOU should feel honored and special."

It's all about them, anyway.

Birthdays, weddings and the like- that's all they think about. They are predators. They wake up and think, what can I get for ME today? What's going on that I can make about ME? How can I feel better about myself today?

In the most base way imaginable they are emotional and physical vampires, stealing any joy out of a situation by bringing in the monkeys and ruining any chance of happiness for anyone else. I really think they do this because narcs are stupid. Sure, they may SEEM smart and conniving up front- but ultimately their goals and desires are no greater than a two year old's. It's all about them. It always has been and it always will be.

So beware any time an N lends an ear or pretends to be sympathetic- what they're really looking for is just another excuse to impose themselves onto your life and piggy back off your pitfalls so they can look better or to take credit for your triumphs.


  1. Yep. And BEWARE of any conversation with them: As innocuous as it may appear, it's a skillful interrogation on their part. Their lies can garner the greatest mileage when they're wrapped around some tiny piece of distorted "truth."

  2. It IS confounding isn't it? They will lie to you about yourself and get a dumb look on their face when you don't believe it.

  3. haha yes. It's so true! Crazy how it takes years NOT to believe the lies, even about yourself. If I had to make NPD really simple for someone I'd tell them that a narc is someone who has lied to themselves so much and so often that they no longer know what's real and what's not. No wonder they live in a fake reality!

  4. Do like I do and quit trying to separate the wheat from the chafe. Take it from me if a narcissists lips are moving he is telling a lie.


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