Kick 'Em to the Curb

Why are we (collectively, I'm including myself in this as well!)- so afraid to let people go??? 

Really go. Like, "You know what? I'm sick of your crap. You're gone from my life. Buh-bye!"

Looking after yourself in today's harsh, unkind society is difficult. Sometimes it's downright horrible. I really believe you have to be a bitch sometimes and just say enough is enough. If you don't- who else will do that for you? 

Once you find out you have a narcissist in your life, others seem to pop out of the woodwork along the way. You find yourself seeing the same traits and patterns over again and feel sick to your stomach as you realize this person is a narc. A sick narc. A narc that wants to drain you of life and happiness so they can feel happy. 

I recently met another narc. I'm part of a mom group on facebook since I found out I was pregnant. We all have the same birth month and our babies are all born within a few days or weeks of each other. Great support and help knowing what other first timers are learning along the way. I've learned a lot- I've also made some good friends. But as always, there's a queen bee. Or bitch- I might add. She's a narc. Always posting about her house, her life, changing stories like you wouldn't believe. Honestly no one knows what she actually 'does' in life. She says she's a social worker and yet says she's a nurse- but she's not. She had no medical training. She claims to be experienced in all sorts of backgrounds. Wants to become a lactation consultant- but get this- she has fake boobs. Yeah- she thinks she can do it all. 

I was getting tired of seeing her post about buying 100 dollar wraps and designer jeans for her fugly 3 month old- so you know what? Following my bff's advice I kicked her to the curb. I unfriended and blocked her because I was sick of this person making me feel like crap. 

I posted I had post partum depression pretty bad and you know what she posted back? 'OMG I know I'm going to work tomorrow and I'm so sad. I'm like Britney in 2007'- um come again? You're really comparing post partum depression- borderline psychosis with being blue about leaving your little gollum with your NANNY while you go make more money to support your $70 baby jeans habit? Okay. That's cool. NOT. 

She claimed to have PTSD from her natural birth gone wrong that ended up with her ignoring the doctors who tried to suggest medical interventions that could have helped her kid during birth. Sorry- but as someone who was raped- I have a hard time feeling you need support and love for claiming you have PTSD and that you don't want to be part of the group anymore. You know what happened next? She starts posting her house and kid and things AGAIN and acts like shit never happened. She didn't ignore concerned questions and helpful posts directed to her. She wasn't a total bitch and ignored those who tried to sympathize. 

So- after this goes on for three months. I blocked her. Which automatically deleted her from my friends list and everything. I can no longer see anything she posts. It's great! I love it. No more jealousy from me in my little pauper's lifestyle and no more of her being the stuck up, rude bitch she is to me and others in the group. 

Well, she found out I blocked her- how? She must've been looking for me or for my things because she never talks to me directly. She flips out and has a friend message me and ask if 'I had a problem with her'. WTF. She never gave two hoots about me and now she's upset we're not 'friends'. Sorry- I don't 'friend' people who are fake. It's not her, it's me- I just don't like her. Or trust her. She's a narc. 

So I lied. I said 'whoops, must've happened by accident one night while I was up with the baby and on the group at the same time'. 

But you know what? I'm not going to un-block her. I'll plead the fifth if I have to or say wow- I'm technologically challenged or something. I can't figure out how to unblock people. 

But really. In all honesty. If you're a narc- I couldn't care less about you. If the only time you notice me is when I delete you because I'm sick of listening to you brag and rub it in that you're pseudo-rich (probably just in debt)- you're a narc. You don't want to be friends with me. You want the attention. Sorry but I'm not going to give that to you. 

Deleting you is my way of saying shut the hell up. I'm sick of your crap and it has no place in my life. 

Ba-Bam. Done. El Fin. 

Now go enjoy your pity party in your lovely little house. You can't fool me. It's just as empty and miserable and you are on the inside.


  1. So is changing stories a diplomatic way of saying she is a liar?

  2. lol- yes. Why I try to be nice I have no idea. But as long as they're breathing, they're lying ;) it's a way of life.

  3. It cracks me up that SHE NOTICED, for one thing. I mean, if someone deleted me from FB I don't know how I would know? Maybe that's because I don't really care, lol. But then the SECOND thing, she made an issue of it! You are strangers and yet it matters to her that you are no longer in her audience. Yep, narc.

    And what a whore the inbetween-friend is - letting the narc use her to message you! Once you get the smell of a narc in your nostrils, they become impossible to ignore...

  4. Mommy narcs are the worst ;) I agree, Gladys! I never notice if anyone unfriends me or blocks me- know why? Cause I'm NOT LOOKING for that haha. Normal people just don't think that way- "Let's see how many followers I have- can't start the day off without my coffee and my little minion head count." Sheesh.


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