Introducing my Valentine

Usually I find ultrasound images slightly disturbing. Especially when people say to look at their clump of cells and tell them it's an adorable baby. So I'm not going to do that. Unless you want to see.... lol Because I gotta admit my little one is darn cute. If you want to see a picture, go to my 'simply me' tab at the top of my blog page. I'll post it there.

It's a boy!

Still haven't 'come out' of the closet with the gender yet to many in my real life but wanted to share the news here. He's a happy and healthy little mover at a little over a pound right now. Growing big and fast! Next month I'm rounding into the 3rd trimester and cannot wait to have him and to hold him. It's been a hard pregnancy with morning sickness and just about every symptom in the books since day one.

My heart is so full of love for this little guy already. Already falling for my number 2 man in my life. My hubby cried when we found out it was a boy. So happy to share that moment together and to see him in just a few months!


  1. Congratulations to both of you!
    May you share many more Valentine's Days as your love and commitment to one another and your family of creation continues to grow!
    Warmest and Best Wishes,

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!


    You are going to so love having a baby boy.

    Will admit that prior to becoming a mom, I wanted a girl because I pictured us doing all this fun girly stuff together. But, I have all boys and now I will admit that I simply WOULD NOT have it any other way. My theory is that we might think we know what we want, but God knows better and sends us the baby we actually want (without knowing it prior to that)!!

    It is amazing to have sons. Simply amazing. They are so cool and so easy going and funny. But the best part is, they are so sweet. My 4-year-old made a Valentine's Day card for me at school and his teachers wrote his words literally word for word. He said in the card that he loves his Mommy the most and that mommy is the best valentine in the whole world. So sweet! (One caveat, this is great when he is 4, but once he gets older, I expect him to transfer all that love onto a girlfriend/wife).

    When you meet your son for the first time, I can assure you that you will feel like the first day of your life began. Meeting your first child is going to be one of those experiences where words will literally fail you and you will be over-powered by emotions that defy description. Words like "amazing" just don't cut it!!

    I should send you something I wrote for my 4 year old right after he was born. He had to get whisked to the ICU right after he was delivered because I had severe preclampsia. I had a powerful experience just minutes after that when I had some alone time with God and when God sent me an amazing sign everything would be alright. The feeling I had and the love I had was so deep and so overwhelming that I tried to put that experience into words. I look back at it now and while it still resonates, words just couldn't capture the raw and powerful love mixed with fear that I felt at that moment. Becoming a mom is the greatest gift in the entire world!

    You will be in my prayers!

    1. Thanks :) I'd love to read it. All the complications with birth scare me as I haven't had an easy pregnancy and never given birth in my life! lol Always daunting to think about. The closer we get to the 3rd trimester the more I think 'ahhh, it's really happening'. I'm excited though! I can't wait. :3

    2. Hello Gracie,

      Don't know if this will be comforting of not, but... both of my pregnancies were very complicated and difficult-- especially the second. Had morning sickness all the time (yet STILL gained weight), felt tired to the point that it was almost debilitating, had a lot of sciatica during the later months...


      Both births were "easy" and free of complications (except for preclampsia). Both were born without c-sections, without forceps, without tearing, and had no stretch-marks after the fact.

      I have to admit though, I was crazy-scared of giving birth-- sometimes to the point of feeling like I was irrationally scared. I had a period where I remembered hearing about all of the women, even 100 years ago, passing away during giving birth. But, Western medicine has allowed that to become an extremely rare occurrence.

      But, here is the other thing... (This may sound strange since you haven't been though it yet, but it might be reassuring)

      It's like us females were born with an innate "body knowledge" of how to give birth even though our intellectual minds cannot comprehend it. Once it begins, it is kinda of like you will naturally access part of your mind and knowledge that you did not know existed prior to that. And then, soon enough, it will be over and you will feel so exhilarated and exhausted and then filled to the brim with a type of Love that you never could have image existed at all prior to that.

      So, in all, giving birth is a wonderful and miraculous experience. It is truly a gift of sorts when I look at it now having had several years perspective.

      But, one last word of caution. I would highly recommend getting an epidural placed by an excellent anesthesiologist. When they are placed correctly, none of the medicines from the epidural will reach the baby.

    3. You just described my current pregnancy D: I feel for you! It's really been a long-haul and although some women MISS being pregnant- can't say that I will. Sciatic pain, 24/7 morning sickness that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, exhaustion, etc. What you said really was encouraging! I hope to have a smooth delivery as well. Def. getting an epidural! I'm worried about a C-section because I don't respond well to any pain medications or antibiotics if I need to be on them. :/ Excited for this to be over and to finally hold my son! Hopefully pregnancy will be a distant memory in a year or so! I really, really don't want to remember it. :P

  3. :D Thanks! Same to you and yours.


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