Hard Truth

Ouch, that hurt Charlie- that really hurt. 

Came across this image the other day and now I look at it almost daily. 
Do I deserve an apology? Yes.
 Do I need one? No. 
The road to ultimate healing starts when you stop viewing yourself as a victim and start acting like a victor. 
Only you can determine what you're going to be. 


  1. I wish you had the little buttons to check off at the bottom of your posts. I'd "like" this one.

  2. Well, the reality is we were victims, IMO. They were the Parents, the Authority Figures, the ones who literally had the power of life and death over us.
    It's a shame IMO the word "victim" has some non-PC connotations attached to it. The Legal world in terms of the Criminal Justice System has "victims" and "perpetrators" very clearly defined: The Plaintiff and the Defendant. "Victim" means those who were transgressed: The Victim defines the Defendants/Transgressors in terms of their acts against the Transgressed. The result is the Perp is "bought to justice" and the "victim" has been restored to the extent possible: Accountability to the victim and the community vis a vie a legally sanctioned label, a sentence for the Perp AND the Perp "pays" restitution in terms of jail/prison time and/or fines, fees payable to the victim and/or Community Service.
    We won't get that: Not because what was done to us was any less Criminal, but because it occurs within an Institution called the "Family." Nonetheless, "victim" is a part of who and what that person has experienced at the onus of their "Family."
    There is no shame in being a victim. There is, IMO all *kinds* of shame in denying our reality. "The only way to determine who you're going to be" is by acknowledging the wrong that has been done to you in all it's manifestations and ugliness and working through the feelings-and FACTS-associated with it. "Victim" is NOT a way of life: It is a statement of reality. PC or not, there's no "Get Out of Jail Free" Card for the Victim without acknowledging and speaking your truth. This likely will be your only "Restitution." There is no dressing it up and taking it out that denies the very real feelings a victim experiences as a natural consequence of being prey to a predator(s) regardless of their DNA relationship to us. It is more odious yet in that those who should have protected us, guided us, set a role model instead used us to meet their *own* needs and consequently, perpetrated upon their own off-spring.
    It doesn't get more perverse than that, IMO.


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