Delayed reaction

Finally came up with a come back for my mom's excuse of telling other's personal things about myself and the baby-
"But they're my best friends!"

"BUT- I'm your daughter!"

I think that relationship should trump any gossip relationship any day. As with so many things though, I never think of what I could have said until DAYS after the event. *kicks self*


  1. Of course, that's the way it always seem to work. I end up ruminating on "what I should have said" for days and weeks after. I always try to store them away "for next time" but how often does that same exact scenario occur again?

  2. Exactly! I hate that. If I had a full conversation with all the things I wish I'd said- it'd be a long one!

  3. Little One, you are NOT her "DD" in the sense you-and me and the rest of the pretty well grounded in reality world-use that word/term. You are a TOOL for her to use. Your conception of what it means to be the offspring is NOT her's at all. Consequently, this response would have availed you not one thing.
    Please understand, the "reality" in which these people operate is so far removed from what those who are operating in a true reality that it allows the faux "Parent" to manipulate the living hell out of their off-spring, regardless of their age. She likely would have responded to your statement with something like, "Well I KNOW that!" meaning, it would have flown over her head. The implications would have been lost on her, believe me.
    It just doesn't penetrate their delusional thinking. Remember, we are *not* sharing the same reality as these freaks.

    1. you are utterly right in that! It's a truth that's been sinking in all week. I'll reply more in my other post but wow- this has never been more clear to me than it is right now.


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