Yup- they're real keepers!

I admit, I almost entitled this post douchy douchy douche bags. :P

Instead I decided to go with my best friend's response to what happened yesterday.

DH and I checked our PO box for the first time since pre-holidays. This is the only post his family has in our name as well as friends. To anyone without a PO box- I highly recommend it! It's nice to have a different address to give to people when you don't want them knowing where you live. Peace of mind is priceless.

Anyway I think DH and I were both expecting something from his fam- even extended fam for the holidays/our first anniversary. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

I know DH is relieved but last night I admit it angered me. It was just what I expected but I *hoped* I was wrong about them. I'm right though- they don't give two flying f*cks about their son. None of them. That did surprise me. Even those he makes excuses for and says they are ultimately good at heart. Well, their black little souls showed this year for sure.

I know I shouldn't be surprised- but part of me hopes I'm always wrong. They really do care deep down. So have they stopped trying to be in DH's life? Is this just a break before another storm? Are they really done done in contacting us at all? Nothing has stopped them before. It also makes me stop and think about those who claim a relationship with DH at all. Is the facade over?

It's hard to put together a picture of a family when so much is missing. I realize as time goes by I have to re-evaluate my 'family' image in my head to include the 'real family' that isn't related to us. I know this family is far and above anything we'd ever experience with DH's family. And still- it's hard to let go of the traditional family image so many of us grow up with in our minds.

It's so much easier to move on when you realize you're not leaving anything behind worth missing!


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