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To all those who wish to start a blog but are unsure of being completely anonymous, or to others who just want to share your story but don't want to start a blog for it: I'll be happy to post for you! Taking other's stories would help me stay anonymous as well as help you to get your story out there in a way that's harder to trace back. Just an idea. :) I'm swamped with horrible morning sickness at the moment (still ugh!) and it may take me a day or two to reply but I'd be happy to share your story for you with absolutely no strings attached. Change dates, names- whatever you want. If you think your story may help others, I'd love to post it for you.




  1. You'll be feeling better soon....and I'm smiling just thinking about your and DH's NEXT Christmas! No, I don't know why it's called "Morning Sickness." Especially as it can't tell time, is utterly disinterested in the fact you're driving your car and forgot your barf bag, are on a Business call etc.
    Congratulations to both of you, best wishes and enjoy your Holidays in between the Little One already letting you know how much they're enjoying their nice, cozy "nest." (Even if you're getting ready to make your own "nest" next to the commode!)

  2. I'm excited too! :) I sure hope this passes, I'm already into my 2nd trimester. Can't wait to find out the gender, soon!


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