Creating a family

I remember reading a friend's facebook status a while back and how it really got my dander up. I'm probably butchering it terribly but the quote from this God-fearing woman was that,

"Ties to family are God-made and should never be broken. They are the greatest gift and you should treasure  those ties by never, ever breaking them."

Say what?

Pardon me while I laugh sardonically but that is really funny. (not!) This is much the mentality I've faced in my search for the truth. Even so-called 'experts' I listened to via radio or interviews would give the same bull answer to those really suffering from their family. I dreaded opening my heart and hurt to the world only to hear in return, "yeah, but they're family. You'll always be related to them. You can't cut them out."

Oh yeah? Watch me.

Nothing gets me angrier (I believe righteously so) than hearing people abusing power by giving only more power to the abusers in a situation. After hearing different forms of this, I was bruised from hitting my head on the proverbial wall so many times. Finally I realized all those words weren't true.

I could walk away, I had power to do so. I was able to do so.

All my life I have found no better 'family' than the ones I've adopted and who have adopted me as their own. Than the friends who will send packages simply because to make you happy and the friends who will give you a hug when you're feeling down. To the people who actually mean 'I love you' and go out of their way to show you they care.

I've redefined my version of family. Although they're not all biological(very few are!)- I have to say I have the best family a girl could ask for!

So next time you hear any 'expert' telling you that you have to stay in the situation: trust me, you don't. You have the power and choices to make a whole new family, one that is full of hope and love for each other. All you have to do is walk away to find them! I've found that when you're looking for positivity and a happy future- you tend to meet those with the same intentions along the way. Just an encouragement. :)


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